CoffeaXL Ascending Flow Coffee Extractor

CoffeaXL Artisan Coffee Extraction System

The versatility and flexibility of the CoffeaXT permits craft coffee beverage producers an unparalleled opportunity to rethink and retool their business and product offerings for what is coming. 

The CoffeaXT is revolutionary in design, function and the coffee products that it produces.

CoffeaXT – Ascending Flow Coffee Extractor

CoffeaXL Specifications

CoffeaXL Artisan Coffee Extraction System

CoffeaXL Capabilities

  • Metered brewing water from room temp to 200 deg. F (93 C.)
  • 2 hour +/- batch process time for strong extract
  • Average strong extract 5% to 6% Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Average extract rate  14% cold and 20% hot
  • On board receiving vessel – used for pre-packaging
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) running the Coffea proprietary XTract software, with lifetime updates free of charge

Typical Extraction Yields (Yields are per extraction column, for multi-column systems, multiply yields by column count)

  • 5-6% TDS extract (undiluted)
  • Yield 9 to 10 gallons (34-38 Liters)/batch Strong extract
  • Blended to 2% TDS – 25 gallons (95 liters)/batch
  • Blended to 1.5% TDS – 30 gallons (114 liters)/batch

Know what you need for your custom coffee brewing application but not quite sure how to get it? Give us a call and one of our highly knowledgeable product specialists will work with you to develop the best solution and then we’ll build it for you in stainless steel.

Contact Coffea Hardware to discuss your requirements with our experienced specialists. For us, building you the best stainless steel brewing equipment to meet your application requirements is just the beginning. We then support your business as it grows or changes. We are your partner for the long haul. So, become a Coffea Hardware client and you can experience our industry leading support and success year after year.

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