CoffeaNX Volume Coffee Nitrogenator

CoffeaNX – Volume Coffee Nitrogenator

What Is Nitrogenated Coffee?

Nitrogenated coffee is coffee – typically cold brew coffee – that has been infused with nitrogen gas. The infused nitrogen gas, which is also used in varieties of beer like porters and stout ales, nitrogen creates microbubbles in the coffee, giving it a thick and creamy texture. When poured, the nitrogen bubbles form a dense head of foam on the coffee that is similar to the head on a glass of beer.

In addition to changing the texture of the coffee, the nitrogen also mitigates some of the natural bitterness and acidity of the coffee making it a more appealing beverage for many coffee drinkers.

CoffeaNX Nitrogenator

Why Select a CoffeaNX

CoffeaNX provides coffee brewers with a number of key advantages when infusing nitrogen into their brew.

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