CoffeaGX Volume Coffee Grinder

CoffeaGX – Volume Coffee Grinder

The coffee mill is the key component in the preparation of any coffee beverage.   Grinding coffee with the CoffeaGX is simple and extremely fast.  The CoffeaGX is the perfect compliment to the CoffeaXT as each extract batch requires 27 pounds (12.2 Kg.) of ground coffee beans.  At the heart of the CoffeaGX  is an adjustable three-roller, hardened tooling steel cassette that efficiently and consistently grinds up to 20 pounds (9.0 Kg.) of roasted coffee beans per minute with minimal “fines” leaving primarily medium and coarse particles.     

Properly ground coffee beans are a major factor in extraction efficiency and the consistency of the finished end product.

Why Select a CoffeaGX

CoffeaGX provides coffee brewers with a number of key advantages:

  • Precisely adjustable 3-roller design saves money by increasing control and efficiency
  • On-the-fly adjustment for rapid control of grind without downtime
  • Integrated sample port for testing and precise calibration of the grind
  • Field tested by some of America’s leading coffee brewers
  • Cracks up to 20 lb (9.0 Kg.) of beans per minute
  • When properly installed and calibrated the CoffeaGX produces almost no dust
  • Allows coffee brewers to grind immediately before the extract process to ensure freshness
  • Long-term cost savings using expired coffee to make fresh new consumer favorites
  • Rare earth magnets for maximum grinding motor efficiency
  • Safety screen help prevent damage from rocks and metal entering the rollers
  • 60 lb (27.2 kg) hopper capacity
  • Explosion-proof motors in either single or three-phase voltage

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